ensuring the highest level of manufacturing quality and safety standards across the raw pet food industry

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Who Are RawSAFE?

We are a proactive new organisation focusing on ensuring the availability of the best and safest food for companion animals, just as they deserve.

RawSAFE is committed to the following:

If you choose a product displaying the RawSAFE Certification Mark to feed your dog or cat, or to recommend or sell to your clients or customers, you can be confident that it has been manufactured with safety in mind


To encourage the highest of safety standards in commercial raw pet and working dog food manufacturing.

Developing Connections

To encourage positive, constructive and science-based interaction between the veterinary profession and commercial raw pet food manufacturers.


To commission the independent auditing of raw pet food manufacturers against standards agreed by the RawSAFE management team following the advice from veterinary professionals (RFVS) and from food industry professionals.


To monitor manufacturers who have received the Certification Mark by means of annual planned audits as well as an annual unannounced audit.


To take necessary action to remove the Certification Mark from all packaging and marketing materials in the event that a manufacturer doesn’t meet the standards at a subsequent audit.


To review and expand the audit standards to continually drive improvements in manufacture and supply of commercial pet food in the UK and around the world.

More Information For…

You might be interested as an owner, or a manufacturer, curious to know what we’re about, or as a veterinary professional who wants to know more about the science behind raw feeding.

Our goal is to provide you all with the knowledge to be absolutely confident in products from our approved manufacturers.