Accredited Manufacturers

What does it mean to be a RawSAFE accredited Manufacturer?

The manufacturers listed here have all voluntarily invested in an independent audit of their manufacturing process.

This is not carried out by RawSAFE but by leading UK based meat and food hygiene inspectors who are all highly qualified and experienced veterinary surgeons.  Hence, their products truly are “approved by vets”.

The company RawSAFE has appointed Eville and Jones as independent auditors who will have visited the factory by appointment, carefully reviewed the company’s processes against the standards written by RawSAFE and confirmed that the company meets those standards.

In addition to this planned annual visit, the listed company agrees to an unannounced visit by the auditors at some point during the year of Accreditation.

RawSAFE has the strongest legal protection of the Certification Mark and, should a company fail to meet the audit criteria and not choose to amend the reasons for not meeting the standards, they will no longer be listed here and will be given 3 months to remove the Mark from their packaging, website and other marketing materials.

We hope that understanding of this process will reassure both pet owners and our veterinary colleagues that raw can indeed be safe.

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RawSAFE Accredited Manufacturers

Here is a list of our Accredited Manufacturers, for further information on them, please see their designated pages and their websites which are linked below:

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