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Benefits, Bugs, Balance and Bones

Our primary goal with the development of RawSAFE is to ensure the safety of feeding a species appropriate diet.  We (and thousands of pet owners) firmly believe in the benefits as we see them daily in our work, yet we are acutely aware that so many of our professional colleagues lack the information to support their clients who choose to feed fresh foods.

We of course understand that there is potential for very serious problems (we’ve all heard the client proudly announce that they feed a raw diet, and when asked for more information, this turns out to be a pound of mince a day . . .) and our partner The Raw Feeding Veterinary Society  is working hard to educate both pet owners and our colleagues, about all matters to do with a species appropriate diet. Their website is an excellent resource to find out more, and their membership community platform gives you the chance to ask experienced colleagues for help, particularly with clinical cases when a client wants to continue to feed fresh food.

What does RawSAFE mean for your practice?

Through RawSAFE, we aim to give you the assurance that there are commercially manufactured products which are safe.  These companies have chosen to go through a rigorous independent audit process, the key feature of which is that as well as an annual assessment by appointment, the independent auditor will make an unannounced visit at any point in time to check that processes are the same.

Now that our manufacturing standards have been legally protected through our Certification Mark we are beginning work on phase 2, which will examine nutritional profiles of products.

For further information…

Our Accredited Manufacturers will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about their products and will have veterinary colleagues to help you with clinical cases, and of course, you are welcome to contact the RawSAFE team for advice as well.

We thoroughly recommend membership of The Raw Feeding Veterinary Society for further information. We took the title of this page from their Position Statement which contain 62 academic references with links to the primary papers for ease of access.  Who says there’s no science to support raw feeding?